Exhibition Title Date

This area will offer the description of the show along with any links to artists sites etc. that they might want to include.  It could be a quick synopsis of the show like we use in the press release leaving the fuller description to be a part of the book above.  The slide show above can be made to have the appearance of a book by manipulating the size of the boxes and using a template in photoshop to make sure that the image section does not overlap with the text.  Of course you would still have the freedom to overlap if that is how you want to set up your book on blurb to sell in the library page.  The flip book apps that I found that worked with our site had a lot of pop up ads and did not look as clean as this which is why I came up with this work around.  Visitors to this page can also click on the button to the right to got to a pop up page with the video tour of the show given by the artists.  It would be nice to have dialog in the video of the artists talking about their work which could be listened to or muted, would it be too much hassle to record that separately an add later to video?