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Betsy Alwin Presents "Holding Up : Holding With" This August at Rosalux

Join Rosalux in celebrating the work of Betsy Alwin this August with her latest exhibition, Holding Up : Holding With

Exhibition Dates: August 5th – 27th, 2023

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 5th 7pm – 10pm

Special Event: TBA

Carry, Betsy Alwin

Resilience! Resilience held an outsized space in our psyche during the past three years. The word itself, with respect to a world situation well outside of personal control, embodies the ideas of strength and grit along with perserverence and health. It also became a fraught word worth questioning. At once bandied as a light inspirational idea, the word became heavily laden with the uneveness and imbalance of circumstance. It’s a word that conjures the image of pulling oneself up by their bootstraps, in perserverance, but could resilience reside in giving up or letting go? Perhaps resilience is embodied in less defined terms in the space between one way of being and another.

In consideration of these ideas, Betsy Alwin will present new work in an exhibition opening in August titled Holding Up : Holding With. This exhibition is the culmination of studio questions revolving around the contradictions surrounding resilience and how resilience relies on visible and invisible supports. The exploration of these ideas manifest in new daring ceramic lace and mixed media sculptures that figuratively imagine these questions in form.

Balance, Betsy Alwin

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