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Shared Bodies: An Exhibition of New Art By Daniel Buettner and Avigail Manneberg

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 6th, 7-10pm

Exhibition Dates: November 6th-28th, 2021

Shared Bodies is an exhibition by Daniel Buettner and Avigail Manneberg that offers observations on the influences of identity

thought processes, and the expressive potential of the physical body [on shared human experiences]. Buettner’s allegorical paintings wryly make use of people and animals to dissect moments of trivial thought universal to human experience. Through the language of painting, Manneberg examines the body’s abilities –and its limits— to understand grief, primal encounters, and the meaning of home.

Daniel Buettner

Daniel Buettner’s paintings capture humor that is normally lost in cursory moments of life by merging people, animals, identities, patterns, and objects. Buettner’s work relates visual inexpressible emotion that only exists in the plain of the painting. Once the viewer leaves the painting, whatever effect that has been created is lost. Buettner’s work is meant to be humorous and insightful, playfully serious, and dreadfully beautiful.

Avigail Manneberg

Avigail Manneberg’s art—like her life—is based on the story of her family, the history of her generation, her culture, what she sees, and those she meets. In absorbing the world through interacting with others, she takes something unfamiliar from their background and filters it through her visual language into something collectively understandable. The search to define herself motivates her passion to create.



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