Rebecca Krinke

Rosalux Member Since 2009

Rebecca Krinke has a multidisciplinary practice that works across sculpture, installations, and public art – creating spaces, objects, and encounters. She has used the body (animal and  human) and aspects of domestic objects and architecture as vehicles for exploring both wonder and terror.

A historic black four-poster bed at the MIA inspired Krinke’s current series of bed sculptures. This circles back to the beginnings of her work: her art originated with a powerful dream she had (as an adult) about a bear. Her sculptures evoke a mood of darkly marvelous fairy tales where strange beds, rooms, and cottages in the deep woods abound. This work and her larger practice is both highly personal and collective – as it asks questions about dreams, transformation, struggle, growth, beauty, stress, trauma, coping – what is private and what is public, what is spoken or unspoken, seen or unseen.