Tim Tozer

Rosalux Member Since 2017

In my current paintings and their installation, I want to create a fractured space -  an environment of fragmented systems, hard-edged geometry and synthetic color. I take my pictorial vocabulary from forms that are redolent of things that already exist, transforming them through processes that reflect the layered narratives I see in my surroundings. The straight edged shapes and mechanically formed curves recall packaging, architecture or the screen; drawn lines echo boundaries that govern our movements or behavior.  These forms exist in tension with a painting process that suggests a narrative of accident and intention; layers of sprayed, poured or peeled paint, in places torn or buckled, imply an inherent instability in the shapes described - a surface caught between purpose and entropy.


The panels used – shelved or shaped, leaning against the wall or hugging it – allow me to create works that are simultaneously self-contained and open to the space around them. Stacking and cutting the panels allows the surrounding wall to intrude into the paintings; the void between each one becomes charged – a negative space that connects differing ideas. The paintings reach across this emptiness to suggest new meanings from their interaction.