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David Malcolm Scott

Rosalux Member Since 2009

As an artist I work as a painter. For a long time my painting was acrylic or watercolor and a mixture of landscape, collage, photography, and abstraction. After a period of artistic angst I went fully abstract several years ago.

Now I paint abstract watercolors. This art is an investigation of the space contained within the dimensions of the sheet of paper in front of me. The work aims for a coherent balance between color, shape, line, solid & void, and the mist.

In general, preliminary sketches and plans are not part of the program. I try to work by instinct, paintings often start in vague ways...a hint of a line, a blotch of color that comes to mind or brush stroke laid on a new sheet of paper. I try to listen to the painting as it progresses and turn off the circus in my head. My mantra with abstract work has been not to ponder but to react...react to what’s happening in the painting, don’t think too much but move, make a decision— GO!

This thought and work process is shaped by decades of painting, some time with photography, and a long ago life in
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