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Rosalux Member Since 2013

My paintings are a direct example of the artists' process and contain within them the record of their realization and implementation. The non-specific structural space of these paintings distances them from the noise of the outside world and allows for a contemplative respite. The works invite the viewer to relate on an intuitive and spontaneous level; without irony or jest they manifest a gravity and beauty often absent in our daily visual lives. I believe art is separate from day-to-day existence even if it refers directly to that existence. Art is a representation of thought without the necessity of some other explicit function. I believe the importance of the artists is to not periodically adapt their work to what is fashion, but that it is important for them to emphasize and make understandable the things that interest them. It is through this approach that artists can develop something that presents them as an individual. In this way artists can best be understood and create something that is significant. I feel this is the cultural significance of what I make. Art which is both considered and understood within its own boundaries. I have found this is the way people connect to and understand my work. They see within it something about their own environment that they can relate to, something they can consider, something of which its meaning is not explicit but yet it can be understood.

Duane Ditty has an MFA from the University of Wisconsin/Madison.  He has exhibited his paintings at the National Galleries of Scotland, The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Scotland, Wisconsin Biennial and Abstract Painting in Wisconsin. Madison Art Center, Ridgewater College Art Gallery. Willmar, MN, Take Five…Five Artists. Minnetonka Center for the Arts, Warehouse: A Decade of Work/Work. The Midwest Warehouse. Minneapolis, MN, Atmosphere and Movement, Gallery 122. Minneapolis, MN, Occurrence and The Language of Silence. Rosalux Gallery. Minneapolis, MN, and The Space Between Things, Bloomington Art Center. Bloomington, MN. Duane Ditty's paintings are held in corporate and private collections in the United States, Canada and Europe.

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