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Laura Stack

Rosalux Member Since 2010

LAURA STACK  creates biologically inspired paintings and collages informed by science and the natural world. 


Travel into Stack's mysterious landscapes. Her abstract work alludes to fictional organisms and biomes, illustrating her fascination with speculative & synthetic biology. Her illusionary images appear as a single living structure or a window into an alternate reality isolated for observation, like viewing bacteria growth under a microscope. These primordial landscapes are ambiguous in scale, implying a microscopic, macroscopic, internal, or external viewpoint. 


A love of science, biopunk science fiction, and her experiences in nature inform the content of Stack's artwork. Her work's luminous color and abstract imagery are inspired by beautiful freaks of nature, such as fungi, marine invertebrates, slime mold, and agates.


Stack's painting practice moves between improvisation and control. She begins with an ink drawing of a natural form, coaxing the wet ink across the paper and manipulating its shape. Hard-edge striped protrusions disrupt this aqueous field. Dark earthy tones and saccharine neon colors coalesce, creating an unworldly experience. 


Laura is a Minneapolis artist and educator. Stack's artwork is recognized through her national and international exhibitions at venues including SciArt Initiative (NYC), New York Hall of Science (NYC), The Royal Scottish Academy (Edinburgh, Scotland), Sam Francis Gallery (CA), A.I.R. Gallery (NYC), Minneapolis Institute of Art (MN), Minnesota Museum of American Art, Rosalux Gallery (MN), and Soo Visual Arts Center (MN). 
Reviews and publications of her work have been featured in Art in America, New American Paintings, Manifest International Drawing Annual, Art Papers, SCIART Magazine, Interalia Magazine,, 10011MAG Magazine, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. She has received numerous grants, including multiple Minnesota State Arts Board Artists Initiative Grants and the Jerome Foundation Travel and Study Grant.

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