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111 Absent 2022 Oil on canvas 38 x 32 in. 2
rosalux opening interior
109 Drifter 2022 Oil on canvas 38 x 32 in. 2
lady group square
Betsy Byers's paintings wash the gallery in color this March with 
Chronosequence: Field Notes from Mama Cayambe


Betsy Byers's latest exhibition of abstract landscape paintings, Chronosequence: Field Notes from Mama Cayambe, bears witness to climate change at the Hermoso Glacier and the La Dormida watershed in Cayambe, Ecuador. 

Exhibition: March 2nd-30th

Artists Reception: Saturday, March 9th, 7-10pm!

Duane Ditty's Latest Exhibition, "Remember", Opens This February
In Remember, Duane Ditty debuts new abstract paintings created after a struggle with prolonged illness. These stunning and dark paintings explore understructures revealed by deterioration.

Exhibition: February 3-25

Artists Reception: Saturday, February 3rd, 7-10pm!

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