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Quarantine Confidential: Amelia Biewald

Are you ok? What are you doing to stay sane & ride out the quarantine?

I am ok, but I don’t know if I am ok. I have been in NYC and near upstate NY since before the lockdown. I have felt a little off a few days in the past 3 months, but it could have been anything- allergies, mild food poisoning, etc. Even now I cannot go and get a test unless we are already near-death sick. It’s stupid really. I had a few jobs lined up too, but they were for sets/costumes for per formative art works and of course all of that has been canceled. So I am hanging in there making paintings and sculptures with materials I already have. I have been shortlisted for a few great opportunities to show large-scale installation works, but the art centers sponsoring them have been shuttered with no real date to which they will re-open…if at all. It’s a waiting game currently.

What’s your favorite disaster movie?

I don’t really even know what qualifies for a disaster movie right now after all this bullshit, but I will pick a movie that is a sort of creepy disaster: Dogtooth, 2009 directed by the Greek Yorgos Lanthimos. A couple seeks to keep their children sheltered inside their home until early adulthood to protective them from the contemporary outside world. Basically pretty much everything that could go wrong does when you SHELTER IN PLACE. Great movie!!! Best art show you’ve seen this past decade and where ...

Hi. I was SUPER IMPRESSED with the exhibition The Miracle, by multi-media artist Jaimie Warren at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, NY. Definitely check it out on the Pioneer Works website. She is an unassuming artist from WI, but incredibly talented and takes on HUGE projects. She has neighborhood kids act for her, and the whole thing has a marvelous low/high art quality. I actually own some of her wall-mounted paintings I bought for almost nothing before she had this much recognition. I feel like that connection makes me even more proud of her.

What is your porn star name? (First pet, mothers maiden name)

Hansi Jorgensen

If you could pick a museum to break into and steal one painting, where and what?

There is a little museum in Genoa, Italy called the Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Spinola which has a lesser known Peter Bruegel painting called The Temptation Of Saint Anthony which could easily fit in my bag IF bags were allowed in the museum.


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