Spring Collectors Interview: Kristoffer Knutson

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Rosalux director Terrence Payne visited with Kristoffer Knutson recently to talk about his experiences with collecting art and the art of collectables. Kristoffer, employed as a creative producer with the Mono agency, has long been a familiar sight in the art world of the twin cities. He was one of the founders of MPLSART and had been the purveyor of all things collectable with his shop ROBOTlove.  Kristoffer shared how these experiences among others have helped to shape the way he views and collects art today.

Kristoffers' living room in his Franklin Avenue condo lights up with work by Lisa Luck & Chiho Aoshima

Was art a part of your upbringing growing up or was it something you went out and discovered on your own?

Art was something that existed in my home on a typical level for the late 70s, like a Picasso Don Quixote print. My parents were into museum posters and things like that, but not artists themselves. Art was around but it wasn't the main part of our lives. I suppose it wasn’t until I began my own creative expression in high school as a little punk rocker and then ending up at MCAD after working for a jeweler. Creative arts had always been a part of my life but I wasn't necessarily raised on them so much as given the freedom to be a part of them.