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Briggs02_Olive Harvest
rosalux opening interior
Briggs01_An Unconventional Farmer
Floating Out Past the Weeds, Venetian plaster on wood panel, 6 x 12
lady group square
Don't miss Tara Costello's new abstract venetian plaster paintings this May!


Tara Costello's latest exhibition of abstract paintings, Golden Embers explore memory through the multiple and shifting perspectives of the rich texture of plaster, fast mark making and geometric forms. 
Exhibition: May 4-26
Artists Reception: Saturday, May 11, 7-10pm!
Spring at Rosalux opens with Terrain, an exhibition of landscape photographs by Priscilla Briggs
Terrain is a photographic exploration of two agricultural landscapes, in Pennsylvania and Tuscany, that were made during Briggs's research on sustainable farming practices. 

Exhibition: April 6-28

Artists Reception: Saturday, April 27, 7-10pm!

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