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Every six weeks the artists of Rosalux will present a new collaborative effort around a theme chosen by curators and artists close to the gallery highlighting the unexpected ways we find ourselves existing in the world today.  Each exhibit will be available for viewing  online right here on our website, but will also be available in book form which you can collect and make a part of your home! Our newest online exhibit is titled, "Intimacy", which was chosen by Nicole Soukup of the MIA.  We look forward to the time when we can share our work with you again face to face but in the meantime we hope that this will help you get your regular dose of Rosalux medicine.

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Extra! Extra! Read all about what our artists are up to during the pandemic, eavesdrop on in depth artist conversations, visit the homes of our collectors and revisit some of your favorite past rosalux exhibitons in our always exciting and fascinating online news page

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