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Exhibition Dates: March 5 - 27

Public Reception: Saturday March 5th, 6-9 pm

Special Events: “SalonSundays @ 2”: March 13, 20, 27. Topics will include: “Spiritualism/Spirituality”, “Octopus Consciousness”, and “Bogs & Other Thin Places”

Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 12-4pm or by appointment

Free and open to all. Masks are required.

Artist Website:


Rebecca Krinke

Rebecca Krinke brings a new site-specific installation, Anomaly, to Rosalux Gallery in March. When something is unusual, compared to similar things around it, it’s the anomaly. Anomalies are gaps you can see. Anomaly honors Krinke’s two parent spaces - the outdoor world and the library - for teaching her in profound ways not readily seen by or shared with others. What was seen was the anomaly.

The origin of Krinke’s art is a potent and mysterious dream that she had as an adult. Her installations have developed through four sequential dreams of specific animals (bear, tadpole/frog, raptor, octopus) and all have pointed toward her next stage of being. Anomaly represents the third time the octopus has appeared; it is getting closer and more involved with the interior space and the viewer.

The Rosalux installation directly follows her Submerged installation at White Bear Center for the Arts (Jan-Feb 2022), where she created an uncanny library set within the liminal space of a tamarack bog. A mirrored octopus eye hovered above the writing desk and a dream octopus emerged from a cloud of black smoke-ink. The Rosalux installation will create a mysterious space for contemplation with components of Submerged adapted, reconfigured, and added to. The green velvet curtains will grow to surround the visitor on all sides and will thicken with feathers and flowers, the bog will emerge, and the octopus will float in a dense sea. There will be an aquarium. A library table and/or a writing desk or divan will be present.

Krinke’s photograph of the bog represents a development in her work both materially and conceptually as the gap/relationship between inside and outside takes center stage. An original soundscape has been created for the installation by Seattle-based multidisciplinary artist are you ready to be destroyed. The soundscape heightens anomalous sensations as it calls upon the aquatic, the terrestrial, and the human-made.

In Anomaly, the created room evokes a space where intuition, feeling, and dreaming are brought forth as powerful ways of learning and knowing. Anomaly beckons to the primordial, to exploring the unknown, and to what cannot be said in words.

Special events: “Salon Sundays @ 2”: March 13, 20, 27. Topics will include: “Spiritualism/Spirituality”, “Octopus Consciousness”, and “Bogs & Other Thin Places." Rebecca Krinke will host and be joined by mystery guests. Free and open to all to participate.

Rebecca Krinke has a hybrid life as an artist and a Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota. Her art practice and research all relate to exploring both the wonder and terror of being alive - and of the times we live in. Her art posits that deep individual work and deep contact with the more-than-human world are a portal for transformation. Krinke has shown her work locally, nationally, and internationally. This installation is supported in part by a 2020-21 Artist Initiative Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board.



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