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Don't Forget To Check Out Duane Ditty's Latest Exhibition, "Remember", Opening This February

Duane Ditty, Absent

Rosalux Gallery is very excited to announce the upcoming exhibition of new paintings from abstract artist Duane Ditty. Remember will feature new work from Duane which was created after a struggle with prolonged illness. Duane had this to say about his upcoming show,

"Perhaps more important than these new paintings themselves is what I went through before I painted them. Four years before I started working on these paintings I was diagnosed with MDS and then had a bone marrow transplant. At that time I had to stop painting and focus entirely on preparing for and recovering from my transplant. It took 4 years before I was able to continue painting again. Finally, in June 2022, I was physically and mentally strong enough to return to my studio. The paintings in this exhibition are a sample of what I have accomplished since that time. These new paintings tend to be darker and more stark than those I was making before I became sick. They continue, however, to show my abiding interest in the understructure of things before the facade is put on, configurations such as bridges, landscapes, and urban architecture which present purpose over facade. Today I am interested in things as they deteriorate to the point where the understructure becomes apparent again, that which exists on the periphery and has not yet been refined and cleaned up and made proper again. In the aftermath of my prolonged illness and recovery, I now understand this process in terms of my own body, as physically and mentally I had been broken down to such a point where I couldn't see the possibility of doing anything in the future, let alone painting. This is apparent in nature too, with things breaking down before they are revived and brought to life again. It is this regenerative process that I find interesting and that has informed my most recent work."

Duane Ditty, Drifter

Remember will be on display at the gallery February 3rd through the 25th. Rosalux will host an artist reception on Saturday, February 3rd from 7-10 PM which will be free and open to the public. Gallery hours are 12-4 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.



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