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The Doors Open On Open Door XVIII December 2nd!

Alanna Stapelton, Too Big (To Fit In)

Join Rosalux in welcoming the artists of Open Door XVIII to our gallery for this wonderful exhibition. It’s going to be a big one this year, literally. Our juror, Ellen Mueller has chosen 49 artists for inclusion in this year's show making it the most ambitious Open Door to date! Ellen had this to say about this year's selections,

“ As an artist, it feels novel to be on the other side of the jurying process, rather than sending off applications into the void. I was guided by joyful subjectivity, influenced by my personal preferences, the scale of the gallery, current events, the weather, and other completely unpredictable factors. The only guideline I set for myself was that I must make all my selections within 24 hours, which I did. It was a pleasure to sort through all these submissions, and I look forward to hearing about what chance themes others see across the works once they are installed in the gallery.”

Bill Nagel, The Eclipse

The artists featured in Open Door XVIII are: Malini Basu, Amy Beeler, Cynthia Berger, Martin Brief, Anna Carlson, James Carothers, Nick Chatfield-Taylor, Girl Club Studio: Coco Murphy & Emily Clingan, Stephanie Colgan, Kathryn D'Elia, Vincent DeZutti, Duddley Diaz, Maggie Dimmick, Jacob Docksey, Wendy Fernstrum, Margot Finneran-Flyckt, Kyle Fokken, Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin, Bryan Gratz, Jenny Gray, Margi Grill, Aisha Imdad, Ethan Jones, Rashaun Kartak, John Kohring, May Ling Kopecky, Chuck Martens, Anna Lyle, Derek Meier, Mark Sarmel, David Morrison, Bill Nagel, Anna Orbovich, Abby Owen, Max Paulin, Karen Peters, Chris Rackley, Jeffrey Reimen, Phillip Robinson, Taylor E. Schumann, Amanda Smith, Jennifer Stano, Alanna Stapleton, Derek Toomes, Emma Ulen-Klees, Josh Winkler, Ivonne Yanez, Angie Zielinski & Jake Zirbes

Anna Orbovich, Petaluma land contours: 6

Open Door XVIII opens to the public on December 2nd and will be on display through the 31st. There will be an artists reception on Saturday, December 9th from 7-10 PM which is free and open to the public. Gallery hours are 12-4 PM Saturday and Sunday and the gallery is located at 315 W 48th Street in Minneapolis.



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