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Quarantine Confidential: Shawn McNulty

1. Are you o.k.? What are you doing to stay sane & ride out the quarantine?

The quarantine lifestyle hasn't affected my daily routine too much. I have kicked out imaginary people that hang out in my studio for safety precautions, though I don't believe they can infect me and vice versa. I've made a Spotify playlist for the pandemic which starts off with Rhythm of the Night by Corona, not to be confused with Rhythm of the Night by DeBarge. Don't confuse your 90s and 80s jams!

It seems like most professional artists live a life of quarantine already, so I fall into that category of not having to deal with any significant changes, other than the coffee shop in my building is closed and it's odd to not see the regulars. I've also been watching seasons one and two of Blossom to analyze the origination of Joey Lawrence's Woah catchphrase. It starts off very slow and starts to spread just like a virus. I started seedlings for my vegetable garden, and I've been helping my neighbor collect sap from the maple trees on our block to make homemade maple syrup. We decided to call it Tree Pee, which is a pretty solid name (and chosen by neighborhood kids), but there might be issues distributing it in grocery stores.

2. What is your porn star name? (First pet, mothers maiden name)

Duke Andert

3. What’s your favorite disaster movie?

Twister. It's hard to compete with Bill Paxton and killer tornadoes. It also has a classic 80s plot with the bad guys trying to get their fancy tornado machine working before the good guys. Did you know Twister was nominated for two Oscars? Of course, it was for sound and visual effects, but it still counts. It's also a very solid pinball machine if you can find it.

Shrike 36x36" 2020

4. If you could pick a museum to break into and steal one painting, where and what?

I would break into the Walker Art Center and steal The Large Blue Horses by Franz Marc. I became obsessed with this painting in high school and even painted a copycat of it for an assignment.

5. What are you working on right now? What’s coming up for you on the calendar for the future? Anything you want to plug?

I am working on a series that changes how I use texture in my work. Typically, I use pumice as a rocky medium which affects the layers of acrylic that come later. I am not using the pumice and the result is less paint but the same amount of layers. Sometimes the grain of the canvas will actually provide the texture that dictates the composition. I also recently did a series of small 10 x 10" paintings on board which were exhibited around Minneapolis, and I have a few left on my website.

Shawn McNulty is a prolific contemporary painter from Minneapolis who has been working professionally for the past twenty years. His refreshing approach to creativity and process has inspired artists all over the world. McNulty's paintings can be found in notable collections including President Bill Clinton, Peyton Manning, US Bank Stadium, Emerson, UBS Financial, Paramount, Bellagio Hotel, and General Mills.  You can find out more about Shawn and his artwork by visiting his website at


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