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Rosalux Gallery presents: The Great Mothers by Hend Al-Mansour

Exhibition Dates: October 7 - October 29, 2023

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 7, 7:00-10:00 pm

Special Event: Artist Talk on October 8, 7:00-8:00 pm

This October Rosalux Gallery presents The Great Mothers, an exhibition that honors two women who have had a great impact on the world: Khadijah and Hafsah.

Some of The Great Mothers are more famous than the others, but none are adequately recognized. The Mothers of Believers in the Islamic faith were 12 strong women set up to lead all Muslims. Prophet Muhammad surrounded himself with his male disciples but more intimately with women. Those were his wives. This exhibition honors two who have had a great impact on the world: Khadijah and Hafsah. Khadijah, Muhammad’s first wife, was the first Muslim. Her critical support was crucial to the success and survival of Islam. Hafsah, another wife of Muhammad, was responsible for preserving the Qur'an until it was transcribed by early Khalifs. This makes her a significant figure in the spread of Islamic teachings. Scholars have acknowledged the important role these women played in shaping Islam as we know it today. Contemporary researchers believe that their influence is even greater than was previously understood.

Stylized and nestled within Arabic calligraphy and geometric and floral patterns, my art highlights the heroism and strength of historical and contemporary Muslim women. Many of my artworks are grounded in the stories told by Arab American women that I have interviewed. I aim to make visible the harsh realities other women, and I experience in Saudi Arabia and other patriarch systems.

Growing up in the birthplace of Islam has profoundly influenced my identity and cultural sensibilities, even though I don't strictly follow its teachings and customs anymore. I've seen how women can be marginalized in the name of religion, which is why I use my artistic practice to assert my rights and other women's rights, amplify historical women’s stories and call for reform using the constructs of faith and culture.

Inquiries: Please address all inquiries to or to Hend Al-Mansour at

Gallery Hours: Rosalux Gallery hours are Saturday and Sunday from 12-4 PM or by appointment. The gallery is located at 315 West 48th Street in Minneapolis. Rosalux is free and open to the public.



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