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Singing The Tune Without Words Opens October 2nd With New Works From Ute Bertog & Tara Costello

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 2nd, 7-10 PM

Exhibition Dates: October 2nd through October 31st

New works from artists Tara Costello and Ute Bertog will go on display at Rosalux Gallery this coming October with their new exhibition Singing The Tune Without Words. The exhibition brings together the two artist’s shared love of painting, abstraction, and poetic meaning. Singing The Tune Without Words will run from October 2nd through the 31st, 2021 with an artist’s reception on Saturday, October 2nd from 7-10 pm. Please note the new address of the gallery.

Tara Costello: Angle, 2021, 8x10", venetian plaster

Tara Costello has been developing an abstract language through painting to contemplate aspects of quiet spaces. She is particularly interested in the interplay of color and the simplicity of geometric shapes. She works with rich Venetian plaster and trowels on cradled panels. The plaster is a malleable material, when used in layers it allows her to question aspects of time, light, and space. She paints to find beauty in the tension between the illusion of a felt space and the mark that created it.

Tara Costello lives and works in Minneapolis, MN. She received her BFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Tara has exhibited her work nationally and internationally at galleries including The Burren College of Art in Ireland, The National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh, Soo Local, Minnesota, Circa Gallery, MN, Artistry, MN, and Sears Peyton Gallery, NY. Tara’s gallery affiliations are Rosalux Gallery in Minneapolis MN, Rubin Red Gallery in Palm Springs, CA, and Outermost Art gallery in Provincetown, MA.

Ute Bertog: Wanderlust, 2021, 24 x 18”, oil on canvas

Ute Bertog’s work is a continued meditation on the reluctant relationship between abstract painting and language. Her starting points are words and fragments of text that are collected from her everyday environment. In both cases her process is very much informed by various repetitive additive and subtractive procedures: erasing, covering, tracing, scraping and rearranging, transforming the words until only a faint glimmer of legibility is left. This process signifies a practice of reaching beyond the safety that words, recognizable shapes, and forms impart to open and explore the possibilities for expanded sensibilities. Her goal is to create the right conditions, where imagination and play readily fill in any gaps, offering the chance to reinterpret and expand original intent. Over the years her love for pliable materials lead her eventually to explore ceramics, which she will showcase here for the first time alongside her paintings.

Ute Bertog received her BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and an MBA from the Philipps University in Marburg, Germany. Past solo exhibitions include Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, the Kiehle Gallery at St. Cloud State University, MN, and the Rochester Art Center in Rochester, MN. Group shows include the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh, Scotland, Soo Visual Arts Center, grayDuck Gallery in Austin, TX, Thomas Barry Fine Arts in Minneapolis, Plains Art Museum in Fargo, ND, and the Sioux City Art Center in Sioux City, IA. She currently lives and works in St. Paul, MN.



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