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Quarantine Confidential: Terrence Payne

1. Are you o.k.? What are you doing to stay sane & ride out the quarantine?

I am doing alright, I haven't left the house for a week and am getting a little tired of my own company though. My activities have been to catch up on chores that I have been putting off around the house, I have been cleaning and organizing my studio and workshop and am about to pull out the old fabric scraps and start on some new quilts. Anything to keep busy and off my phone for now.

I Had It, I Have It, I want It Back 2020

2. What is your porn star name? (First pet, mothers maiden name)

Banjo Lifto

We Thought You Were Full Of Nonsense, But It Turns Out It Was Some Horrible Shit 2019

3. What’s your favorite disaster movie?

That is a tough question. For this type of film I think of horror and I like really bad campy horror films most of the time. I can't remember the name of the film but when I was a kid I remember seeing a movie about giant bullfrogs attacking people and taking over the world. The actors would get a close up of their face wrenched in horror and then they would cut to a big frog just sitting there and lazily rolling out it's tongue. Not horrifying but totally hilarious.

I Wouldn't Have To If You Had Some Too 2018

4. If you could pick a museum to break into and steal one painting, where and what?

I would break into the MIA here in Minneapolis and steal this little folk art painting of Saint Paul that has a big tornado in the background bearing down to wipe everything out. Love that little painting.

I Am Feeling Not Alone 2018

5. Tell us a secret!

I talk to my dog like a person at home and forget to stop when we leave the house which has gotten me a lot of weird looks in the neighborhood.

Terrence Payne has been examining how people use their relationships towards one another to build on their own identity as well as to influence the behaviors of those around them with his colorful large scale archetypal portraits since he came to Minnesota in the early 1990’s. Terrence’s artwork can be found in collections around the globe and has received critical acclaim and recognition from Beautiful Decay, Juxtapoz, Dwell Magazine, Bust Magazine, It’s Nice That, Brown Paper Bag, The Jealous Curator, and Boooooom. In the spring of 2002 Terrence founded what has become one of the longest running artists collectives in Minnesota called Rosalux Gallery, which he has served as director helping to further the careers of over 80 Minnesota artists.  You can find out more about Terrence and his artwork by visiting his website at


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